Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Little Brother? Or Little Sister?

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Happy Tuesday!

So today we are bringing you the news you've been waiting for ... anxiously ...

Watch the video to find out!

Am I having a little brother? Or a little sister?  What is your vote?

So what did you think of the video?  What did you think of the news?!  I know I'm excited!  More to be revealed about the little one aka Sesame soon!

And a special shout out goes out to "Auntie" Rita for helping us / making the video!

You can also read about our adventures on our Houston Chronicle Blog: Mad About Town.

-Mad Max


Stephanie said...

Awww! So sweet! Congratulations! : )

Mad Max and Family said...

Stephanie, thank you! And thank you always for stopping by.

-Mad Max and Family

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