Happy Birthday to our Dada!

Hi Friends,

We are taking a break from our Halloween posts today to bring you a special post ...

Happy Birthday, Dada / Daddy!  Sadie and I (Mad Max) love you!

In celebration of Daddy's birthday, Mommy and I wanted to share (just a few) favorite photos of when Daddy first met me (also in honor of Sadie's upcoming arrival).  (Plus you get to see a lot of recent photos of me and Daddy since Mommy is the photographer in our family.)

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family 

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

More on my Daddy's birthday celebration soon!

Also don't miss our other blog post today - great GIVEAWAY from The Mommie Series.

-Mad Max

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Carly said...

You must be getting REALLY close..hope you are feeling good in these last few weeks! Can't wait to hear of the newbie's arrival.

Mad Max and Family said...

Thank you! Yes, she is due via c-section Oct 22. Yikes! I think at this point I'm just trying to survive these last few weeks. It's hard working too!


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