And we are cousins ...

So Mommy and I realized that our "Mad for Mommy" blog was actually suppose to be created Thursday nights.  Wow.  We are lucky we even know what day it is lately.

But do please cut us some slack... we've been so under the weather that I had to visit the doc today.  More on that soon.

In the meantime, enjoy some shots of Trouble 1 and 2.  Ribear got a red wagon for her F1RST Birthday.  Happy Birthday Ribear!  Mommy said I am going to get one for Christmas.  Wow.  Mommy, you are great with surprises!

I think we need to pimp it out.  Thoughts?

We are going to so fast my hair is blowing in the wind!

Beverage holder without a beverage.  Fail.

Do you have a Radio Flyer?  Or did you have one when you were younger?

-Mad Max

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