Mad for Mommy: Ball Pit

On Fridays I will provide my weekly "Mommy Tips" ... Mad for Mommy!  As we all know, if anyone needs tips ... it is Train Wreck Mommy.

I'm borrowing this idea from Gma A aka Gramby.  Shout out to Gramby.

If you've been to the Children's Museum of Houston you may know that they have a few small ball pits in the Tot Spot area.  Seriously, what can be better than a pit full of balls?  Okay, yes, maybe sharing some baby espresso with Hemingway, but since we don't have a pit with Hemingway at the Children's Museum, I don't think that counts.

Me eat balls.  Me hungry.  (By the way, why doesn't Cookie Monster use proper grammar?  Ponder that.)

Yay!  Nothing like being caged in with a bunch of plastic balls!

In all seriousness, this is loads of fun.  At least 15 minutes of fun.  Okay, maybe 5 minutes of fun.  If you have a portable crib / playpen and some balls (ahem) - you have a ball pit!  (Thank you Chicco, Auntie Tam, and Uncle Michael!).  Now, obviously, you should probably add more balls than we did (hint, hint, Mommy)... then step 2, add baby ... step 3, take photos of baby in jail ... step 4, baby eats and throws balls.

Quality family fun.

How do you like to spend time in your playpen?

-Mad Max


Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Mino, do you need me to purchase you some more balls, you most definitely do not have enough!! love you.

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Yes, Auntie Tam! Bring them with you when you visit.

Love Mad Max

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