Weekend Update: Melting, Riding, and Climbing (Part II)

Happy Birthday, Cousin Ribear!  Cheer up, kiddo!

Train Wreck Mommy and I apologize for being behind on the blogs this week.  Mommy is still feeling under the weather, and I had a fever last night.  Not to mention the piles of work Mommy keeps mentioning.

But last weekend we went to the Houston Zoo to celebrate Cousin Ribear's F1RST Birthday!

Cousin Corryn.  Slightly upset.  See, she is related to Mommy!  Hah!

Gma J aka Mimi got a double stroller.  I'll let Birthday Ribear lead this time.  Wow, let's see where that leads us!

Aren't we quite the pair?

It's only about 1,000 degrees outside, guys.  Let's see how much longer we can melt!  Zoom in, Mommy.

Me, Mad Max ... in all of my glory.

My F1RST carousel ride!  Whee!  All by myself.  Let's teach Daddy the "zoom" button, Mommy.

Daddy!  Daddy!  Look behind you!  A real live Sophie or Patches.

I am having a dreadful feeling that this is going to end up on Awkward Family Photos.

In addition to going to the Houston Zoo last weekend, I also worked on my coffee table climbing skills.  Booyah!

Mommy!  Mommy!  Look at all those papers / projects you need to grade that have been sitting there.

Teeth?  Who needs teeth?  Max eats coffee table.

What did you do last weekend?  What are your plans for this weekend?

-Mad Max

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