Weekend Update: Boo!

Happy Halloween, fans!  Thank you to Gma and Gpa A (Gramby and Pops) for all of my Halloween gifts.  On Friday evening I played with my new cars aka terrorized my bother the feline, Hermann.  Thank you also for the Halloween cards, and thank you for the Halloween card, Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael.

Whistling at my brother on Saturday morning.

On Saturday Train Wreck Mommy and My Hero Daddy took me to the Houston Zoo for Zoo Boo!  Unfortunately they put that ridiculous costume on me.  Your time will come!

Fueling up for Zoo Boo.

Um, if this guy is any indication of our day at the Zoo, I am very frightened.  No pun intended.  Hide yo' kids!

Daddy!  Daddy!  Look at me.  This is awful.

Mommy said, "whistle of the elephant!"... Okay, crazy lady.

Baby Elephant!  Like Baby Max!  Hey, kid, where is your spider costume?  I'd like to see that.

Something is wrong with this photo.  White socks, maybe?

Here I am with Daddy checking out the "real Sophies," as Mommy calls them.

Mommy, they are called giraffes.

What I am most worried about is that I am actually getting use to being a spider.  I mean, what does that say about me?  Really?

What happens to Super Infants after Zoo Boo?  This.  I was drugged!

Don't worry.  I had an afternoon nap and an afternoon pick me up later that afternoon at Onion Creek Cafe.  Daddy, daddy, I heard it was Happy Hour?



Mommy came to get me this morning while I was trying to escape.  She called Daddy and said "bring the camera!  Bring the camera!"...

Okay, okay, I get the point.  I will have to figure another way out.

In the meantime, I tested the Train Wrecks ability to keep up with me today ... I can now stand up at nearly anything!  Mommy, quit hogging all of the good New York Times sections.

How was your weekend?  Did you celebrate Halloween?

-Mad Max

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