Fun Friday: Sadie Visits Newborn Baby C

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Sadie here!  How is your week?  What did you do?  I've been very busy with Train Wreck Mommy and Big Brother Mad Max.  It's so nice to be out and about and to be accomplishing things with Mommy.

Have you been to visit a newborn baby friend lately?  Aren't they one of the best things to celebrate (okay, so I'm a slightly bias fetus)?

Earlier this week (as we mentioned on Thursday) we went to visit Train Wreck Mommy's friend JCranc and her Newborn Baby C.  Super Congrats to the Cranc family!  He's quite adorable ... I must say, and I have good taste in Newborn Baby Men.  He sure was tiny though.  Mommy, will I be that tiny?

We had a great time.  My Big Brother Max really enjoyed seeing their cats (we miss you, Hermann!), and comparing his hands and feet with Baby C.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Jennifer C
Here's Mad Max with Baby C.  What do you think?  Is Baby C checking out Mad?

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Jennifer C
Mommy, me (Sadie), Mad Max, and Baby C.

A few more of Baby C below ... what a doll!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Jennifer C

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

So what do you think?  Is Mad Max ready to be a big brother?  He did great around Baby C (from what I can see ... which isn't much).

My (Sadie's) Current Stats:

Age: 24 Weeks

Height: Almost a foot long!

Weight: Just over a pound (still?)

Fruit / Veggie Size: An ear of corn ... which by the way, Dada and Mad Max are loving corn lately!

Fun Facts: My lungs are growing branches like a tree!  Umm, that doesn't sound right.

What do I enjoy most right now?: Finally getting some sleep!  Making Mama sit down by making her leg hurt... it's better for both of us to sit, Mommy.  I also enjoy DESSERTS!  Or is that just Train Wreck Mommy brainwashing me?

... Speaking of desserts, we brought JCranc some Crave Cupcakes to celebrate her little one (seriously, what says celebrate the most?  Cupcakes!).  Do you have a go to gift or way you celebrate a newborn that you meet?


PS: Be sure to catch us on Mad About Town!

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