Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: The Big Celebrations ... How do you celebrate birthdays?

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Is your week off to a nice start?

As you know from yesterday's post Mad for Monday, this week is all about celebrations - big or small.  I love to celebrate... with a nice Scotch of course!

So it's July now, and Mommy said it is time to start thinking about my 2nd Birthday Bash.  How does your family celebrate birthdays (for those Tiny Ones and Tots)?  Big bash?  Small bash?  Rotate every other year?

Here are some thoughts from Mommy:

Our first goal is to think about a location ... (bottle service, I say, from Mad Max) ... low key?  At someone's house?  Or another location?  Have you been to any birthdays lately that you really liked the location (for Tiny Ones or Tots)?  If so, where?  Do share!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

So far ... here are some initial ideas ... at a home?  Or ... Children's Museum of Houston (in the photo above I'm at the Children's Museum last week!) or SoccerTots.

A friend also told us about a place called wonderwild, but we haven't been here yet (and they do have Birthday Parties here).  Have you been to wonderwild?  What did you think?  Max and I will have to check it out soon.  We'll let you know what we think!

Another thought was maybe a bouncy place like Pump it Up.  I'm not sure at what age kids enjoy those type of places though.  Any thoughts on this?  I do know that Mad Max loves jumping (or at least attempting to jump).

We will keep researching and let you know what we come up with ... feel free to send us ideas our way too!  Find us also on Mad About Town.

-Mad Max and Mommy


Rita said...

I think you will find MANY places that you go to regularly have fun birthday options. For example (for kids older than Max) my local cupcake shop offers a birthday party where kids get to go bake their own cupcakes, they get a pizza party while the cakes are baking, then decorate their own cupcakes. Pretty cool, but you could also do this at someone's home if you are on a budget.

Last time I was at Houston Arboretum, there was a kid's birthday party going on. There were age appropiate nature activities in a private birthday room. Lots of the nature centers offer inexpensive birthday rentals, and many of the city's parks have nice pavilions if you want something outdoors. We have rented the pavilions northwest of the city at Bear Bayou, and the park is lovely.

Mad Max and Family said...

Hi Rita, thanks for stopping by! And for your advice. I thought about a cupcake type thing...but he is a bit young. I will look into the Arboretum for sure. I just started thinking about it, so I haven't done a whole lot of research yet. Although it can be more expensive to have it "at" a place ... it's less work than cleaning up your own home (or my parents home!).

We might do something on a "smaller scale" this year, but we'll see!


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