Thursday's Update!

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

My Train Wreck Mommy asked that I write today ... she wanted to say sorry for our lack of blogs this week!  We've had quite a few week (well really, two weeks) ...

Last week I came down with a fever ... and it turned out to be strep and an ear infection.  Then I thought I was over that, my fever came back in full force (as you heard about some on Monday).  So back to the Doc we headed, and it turned out my ear infection was worse ... and ... now I had a viral infection!

So what does this all mean for my blogs?  Well, obviously, I am a train wreck.  Despite being trapped inside our home (most of the time) for almost two weeks... I've been feeling awful.  And to top that off, Train Wreck Mommy wasn't much help because she hasn't slept well in about a week!  (Let's blame my little sister ...and not me for that!).

So just a taste of how I've been feeling.. I've needed monkey AND lambie at feeding time.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

The good news is Super Sadie will be back tomorrow with some Friday Fun.  In the meantime, how has your week been?

Any tips for my Mommy so she can sleep better?

You can always find us also on Mad About Town.

-Mad Max

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