Thursday's Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Asia Society Texas Family Day

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Are you looking for something to do this weekend with your older ones?  You can check out Cherry Fest at Whole Foods, or we also found another great event for you to check out: Asia Society of Texas Center Family Day.  What a great way to celebrate culture in the city!

Being that I am quasian (Quarter Asian ... well Pacific Islander!), I'm a big supporter of Asia Society of Texas!  So more about the Family Day ... (more from the Asia Society of Texas):

Chinese Culture

Sunday, July 15, 2012
1:00 - 4:00 pm

Be sure to read their website to read about the details of the Chinese Culture event.  Held at Asia Society Texas Center on Sunday afternoons throughout the year, Family Days give audiences of all ages the chance to learn more about Asian culture through demonstrations, exhibits, performances, and storytelling.  Families may create crafts together, learn about Asian games and holidays, or have their faces painted with Asian-themed decorations.

Free for Asia Society Family Members, members of Asia Society's special member groups, and children ages 5 and under; others $5 per person.

It sounds like a really great event for the whole family.  Do you plan on stopping by?  Let us know what you think about your experience.  Our Sundays are usually already packed so we may not be able to make it.  (How do you balance out your weekends?  My Mommy and Daddy do a juggling act!)

We hope you are having a really fun week ... we are!  What a difference zero cabin fever makes.  Train Wreck Mommy and I enjoyed lunch with a friend today at Molina's, and we went to visit new baby C! (More on that soon).  Enjoy some photos below.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J
Here I am enjoying lunch.  Margarita!  On the rocks, please.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Jennifer C
Here I am with Train Wreck Mommy, Baby Sister Sadie, and ... drum roll please ... Baby C!  Nice to meet you Baby C.  More on our visit soon!  Don't I look like a big boy?

Be sure to stop by our Mad About Town blog.

-Mad Max and Family

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