I Look Fly ... I Look Good

Mommy and I love Happy Hour in Sawyer Heights.

A few weeks ago we met Mommy's friend JPez aka Jennifer H at Liberty Station.  Mommy loved Liberty Station!  But Mommy was complain, complain about not being about to enjoy a Peanut Brittle Martini.  Oh, Mommy!  Soon enough.  I asked if they served their Christmas Ale in BPA free bottles, but the bartender looked at me like I was crazy (maybe because I am upside down?)...

I loved "Auntie" JPez.  Look at the outfit she got me.  I'll be so handsome.  Thank you!  Train Wreck Mommy didn't realize it was reversible until she washed it.  Again, Oh Mommy!

Thank you for the outfit.  I needed warmer clothes.  Sure it's Texas, but it's almost January after all.  I'm looking forward to our next HH with JPez!  But Mommy said I may need to have Daddy time for the next HH.

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