My Super Seat and Super Transporter!

Daddy put together my Super Seat and Super Transporter today!  Mad Max loves red.  Mommy picked them out with the help of Grandma Alcancia.  They picked the safest one for me.  But my question is...  how fast does it go?

The cool thing about my Super Transporter is ... it doesn't ALWAYS look like a Super Transporter.  Mad Max is the master of disguise.

Great job, Daddy!  Look at those Vino cup holders, Mommy says!

My Super Seat in Mommy's (freshly cleaned - thanks Daddy!) car.  Sorry the picture is dark.  Train Wreck Mommy used her phone for this one.

Thanks again to Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria Hermann for helping Mommy and Daddy buy my Super Seat and Super Transporter.

-Mad Max

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