1st Annual Lights in the Heights with the Johnson Family

Mommy and Daddy took me to Lights in the Heights last night.  Daddy said we are going to go every year!  Mommy even walked 5,000 miles with her cankles for me (carrying vino, most appropriately).  I got to see Santa and pretty lights.  Well, let me rephrase that ... I heard Santa was there along with great lights.  It's hard to see from station -2 in the pelvis (you try it sometime).

At least I could hear the entertainment!  We also stopped at the Miller's house (Ruthie Johnson Miller ... Mommy's old co-worker from YES Prep SE) for a party.  Mommy's friend, LAR and others were there!  They had such a nice house.  Almost as nice as my womb house.  Mommy and I really enjoyed the peppermint brownies.

Here are a few of our fav stops:

Mommy, me, and VINO...

This guy they call "Santa" is quite the character.  He even had a cigar and bar trolley following him!

Mad Max loves the Gingerbread house.

I can't wait until next year!  Mommy said I might get to ride in a red wagon.  I'll zoom right past the beer smellin' frat boys and hipsters in leggings!

-Mad Max

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