Mad Max Loves Showers

Mommy and I went to visit Daddy at work yesterday for my Baby Shower... (although you don't see me calling myself a baby here!).  Mad Max loves showers!!  And Mad Max loves Daddy's co-workers.  Thank you for throwing me a party!

Mommy also likes Daddy's co-workers... they said "wow, you hardly gained anything!  you only gained in your belly (belly = My House)!"... That's not what Mommy's co-workers and learners say.  (As a result... Mommy felt it was okay to eat two cupcakes and a bag of cookies yesterday... she put us both out in a sugar coma... that stomach ache wasn't fun, was it Mommy?).

My party was one year exactly to the date of Mommy and Daddy's Wedding Shower at Daddy's work.  What can we plan for next year?  I'm hoping Daddy gets me a puppy.  Maybe we can throw a puppy a shower.

Look at how excited Daddy is to open my cards and gifts ... those are mine, Daddy!  Thank you to everyone for my wonderful gifts ... clothes... and much needed items ... and my jogging stroller!  (I think Daddy got confused that the jogging stroller was for him, but Daddy... do you really think you will fit?).

Daddy's nice co-workers are below ...

Look at my awesome Diaper Cake made by one of Daddy's co-workers, Leti.  Isn't she talented?  Mommy likes it so much she doesn't want to take it apart.  Train wreck!  I can't poo poo in my diapers if they are in a cake.

Oh, you remember how Mommy loves cupcakes (see previous blog post).  Train Wreck Mommy LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes ... and the Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes at my party.  They were made by Daddy's co-worker, Jason ... his wife!  She even has her own bakery, Sinfull Bakery.

Mommy took some more photos of my Diaper Cake at home.  Oh, my brother the feline (Hermann)... do you wear diapers?  Maybe you should!  It seems more civilized than doing poo poos in a box full of natural wood!

Look!  Mommy even found a Mini Lambie in my Diaper Cake!

Thank you Daddy's co-workers, Hang and Kevin for planning my party... and thank you to everyone for my wonderful gifts (and for filling Mommy full of sugar)!  So many wonderful gifts, and it isn't even my birthday yet ... or Christmas!  I wonder what I can look forward to on those days.  Hint, hint, Mommy and Daddy.

-Mad Max

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