Mommy's Little Cupcake

If you know my Mommy ... you know she loves cupcakes!  And Mommy loves treating me with lots of cupcakes.  Daddy hopes I come out a linebacker, a kicker, or an NBA Superstar!

This past Sunday I made cupcakes with "Auntie" Alicen, Sandy, and Ashley... and "Cousin" Yvonne.

Mommy finally dusted off some of her wedding gifts and put her baking skills to practice!  Or as Daddy says... "training to be a good wifey!"... Alicen was the Master Baker, and "Train Wreck" Sandy and Ashley were "Duncan" and "Hines."

Alicen... showing her skillz with Mommy's Kitchen Aid mixer.

Sandy and Alicen in Daddy's kitchen!

Yum!  Mad Max loves icing.  Look at Mommy.  Is that apron flattering for my house, Mommy?  Let's think about that.  I look best in black.  I'm very goth.  A goth hipster fetus.

Mmmm, the chocolate cupcakes we made.  We put some fresh mint and peppermint on top of some of them.  Mad Max loves spices.

We also made Daddy VEGAN Chocolate Cupcakes!  Sandy said... "this batter looks wayyy too watery!!"... she thinks that was watery... think about how my cupcakes taste in the womb!?

(I only have so many more days or weeks of making fun of my womb).

-Mad Max

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