My "Take Home Outfit" is NOT a Dress.

Mommy got me the best take home outfit ever!  Mommy loves nicely designed items ... especially if they come in nicely designed boxes / packaging.  Mommy, if I put my poo poo in a nice modern designed box, would you love it?

Mommy found my "Take Home Outfit" aka the fashion I will wear home from the hospital (is Vogue Baby reading this right now?  Maybe W Baby?  Or Esquire Baby perhaps?  GQ Baby?) at Giggle.  Followers ... take note.  Mommy bought organic cotton because she doesn't want me to be around the "bad, bad chemicals" as she says.

You know what Daddy said when he first saw it?  "Why is he wearing a DRESS!?!"... Daddy was right.  I do not... I said do not wear dresses!  But Daddy, this is not a dress!  It's more like a fashionable post-fetus sack.  I'm sure Marc Jacobs approved.

Look at my brother, the feline!  You don't wear clothes, feline!  Now go nap.

I hope train wreck Mommy remembers to take my outfit to the hospital!

-Mad Max

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