My Bed Before the Bed ... and My Mini Lambie Seat

"The Situation" has his shirt BEFORE the shirt ... but apparently I have my bed before the bed... Mommy and Daddy call it my "bassinet."  Aren't they silly?  They think I'm not ready for my big boy crib!  I think sleeping in my crib sounds much easier than breathing underwater for 9 months!  Try that, Superman.

Either way, Daddy did such a good job putting it together!  He's turned into quite a handyman.  Thank you, Daddy.  And thank you to "Auntie" ... LAR, Rita, and Michelle for helping Mommy buy my Bed Before the Bed.

This above is Daddy confused... looking at the directions.  Just kidding, Daddy.  Ahem.

Wait for it ... wait for it ...

Tada!  Look... it's my Super Bed Before the Bed.  Take that Cowie!  Cowie is keeping the peace between my Bed Before the Bed and My Crib.  My "Bassinet" also turns into a Super Duper Tee Tee and Poo Poo table (Mommy says "Changing Table.")... once I decide to exit the womb, Mommy says she will put it right next to her so she can watch me sleep.  (Crazy Train).

Mommy and Daddy love collecting things that they can sit me in.  What?  Is there not enough room for me on the couch?  But... Daddy's co-worker, Liz, got me a super awesome Mini Lambie Seat!  Mommy and Daddy's couch doesn't bounce - so take that!  Thank you!

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Rita said...

OMG - Max your bassinet and your lambie seat are precious. It is great that your daddy is so good at putting things together. That will come in handy for you! You (and Cowie) are lucky guys!

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