Art Thursday: Remember Twombly

Today was my Art Thursday with Train Wreck Mommy (and we missed our TW2 sidekick, "Auntie" JCranc!).  We went to the Cy Twombly Gallery at The Menil Collection.  He passed away last week ... Mommy said we lost a great American painter.  Be sure to read more about Twombly.  He is well known for his mark-making paintings, and Train Wreck Mommy said I can begin to explore my own mark making.  (Now if I can just resist putting that paint brush in my mouth).

Cy Twombly at the Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston (The Menil Collection)

We didn't take any pictures at our visit because 1) Mommy is a Train Wreck without her sidekick, JCranc ... at times, and 2) I was busy being Mommy's art critic.  If you live in Houston or are going to Houston sometime, but sure to make a visit to experience Twombly's art.
Do we just stop at enjoying art on Art Thursdays?  No.  We need face time with my fans.  We went with "Auntie" Viola to go visit "Auntie" Gaby and her new baby, Becca ... and Valentina!  The ladies love me.

Did I mention that this WEEK I've been doing such a better job sitting up?  Mommy sure seems excited.  Little does she know, if I didn't have such a heavy hand with my Scotch, I could sit up all the time.  In the photo above I'm too busy looking at this new thing called - c-a-r-p-e-t to sit up fully.  We don't have c-a-r-p-e-t at home.  Look at Valentina!  Show off.  Haha love you!  Thanks for letting me drool on you.

Umm.  Mommy.  Look how SMALL that kid is behind me.  Yikes.  Ramona eyes!  And you say I use to be that small?  I think not!

Nice feet Gaby!  Look how long I am!  NBA star!

What art shows have you enjoyed lately?  Enjoyed some time with friends sitting up nice and tall?  What did y'all do?  Max loves hearing from you!

-Mad Max

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