Happy 1/2 Birthday To Me (Post 2)

If you missed my first Happy 1/2 Birthday To Me posting read it here: Post 1.  I had such a busy day ... that I have to share my Bday event in 10.5 billion posts.

Mommy bought me musical toys from Lakeshore Learning.  Good to eat, I say.  She said she forgot to buy aspirin to go with them.  Umm, what are you trying to say, Mommy?  Have you heard yourself sing?

Mad Max strikes a pose here.  Do you think I look like Daddy here?  Or TW Mommy?

So yesterday for my birthday I also went to my 6 month doc appointment with Mommy and Daddy.  They love to always give me my birthday shots.  Mommy said she thought I would weigh in at 17 lbs, Daddy disagreed.  For once Mommy was right with numbers!

Hey guys, umm ... I think we will need a bigger scale soon.

Here we are waiting for Super Doc.  Don't I look like a Big Boy?  Or is Daddy shrinking?

Shots you say?  I shall eat my hand!

Thursday Art Day with "Auntie" JCranc and "Auntie" Jessicana?  That's something to smile about.  (More to come later).

So what else did we learn at the doc?  A few high / lowlights: They measured my head.  I'm not sure I understand the point of that.  Hey doc, come over here, and let me measure that big ol' head of yours!  Haha, joking.  I'm in the 55% for height and 45% for weight ... so I'm basically hearing I may be an NBA star, and I can eat more dessert.  No?  The doc also poked and prodded me, and made me sit up, and I screamed at the top of my lungs.  I mean really, what is going on here?  Then I got my shots.  They don't even really hurt that bad, but I know Mommy is scared for me, so I cry.

But I am okay (playing with my music toys):

More soon on my Artful Afternoon!

What do you think about my new music toys?  How much do you think I'll weigh at my next doc visit (9 months)?

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-Mad Max

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