Happy 1/2 Birthday To Me - Art Thursday (Last Post)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  I have one more (I promise) post about my birthday.  If you missed the other two, read them here: Bday Post 1 and Bday Post 2.  As you may know, every Thursday this summer Train Wreck Mommy and I have an "Art Thursday."  This past Thursday we had an Art Thursday with "Auntie" JCranc and Jessicana at Lawndale Art Center.

Jessicana, Me (can you see me?! ... Hello!  Tiny Mad Max here), and Mommy at Lawndale Art Center

By the way, a special thanks goes out to JCranc and Jessicana for taking photos with their iPhones.  Mommy had her hands full (see above).  Train Wreck Mommy said, "Now Mad Max, don't you want to look at art in your Super Sling?"... Why, Mommy ... what do you think?

Mad Max with work by my good buddy Gonzo!  Did you miss the posting about when I met Gonzo?  Check it out here: Gonzo at YES Prep SE.

I am Mommy's favorite art critic.  I'm not sure about JCranc.  She just giggles at me.  Maybe I am over her head?  Poor TW2.  

Right now at Lawndale Art Center they are having their BIG SHOW.  It's an annual open-call, juried exhibition.  Read more about it on their website.  Mommy and I apologize for not crediting all of the artists in our photos.  It's probably Mommy's fault (TW).  If you live or are visiting Houston, definitely go check out the show!

This is not a gun.

This is also not a gun.

Mad Max sees blueprints.

Hey, hey guys ...  meeting without me again?  I prefer Scotch over milkshakes and pie anyways.

I like to call this one "Undressed."  Mommy, Mommy, I think it represents the way I feel on Mondays.

Mad Max loves red.  Red is a primary color.  Primary begins with P.  Do I sound like Mommy?

I'll leave with you one of my favorite pics.  I love to become one with the art.  Don't just view the art.  Be one with the art.  Become the art.  Reflect upon how might the art represent you.

-Mad Max


Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Great birthday series, Max!!! TW and TW2 are hilarious! I love how reflective you are at 6 months, becoming one or .5 rather with the art. :P

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Auntie Tam, thanks always for visiting, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love looking at art with Train Wreck Mommy. Let's vid chat again soon!

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