Keep Mad Max Weird: Austin (Post 2)

Mad Max is back from the 4th of July Weekend.  How was your holiday?  Back to my Austin posting ...

If you missed my first Austin post be sure to read it here: 

Can you say, Super City Baby?  I'm waiting on Train Wreck Mommy and my Hero Daddy to pay the parking meter.

The Train Wrecks took me to the Austin Children's Museum.  That's my "excited new toy face."  Mad Max gives the Austin Children's Museum two thumbs up.  Daddy gives it two thumbs up and a monkey toe up because we showed up at 4:30 pm (they close at 5 pm), and we got in free.  Wow.

Here we are at Kerbey Lane for the 1,000th time.  Maybe we should get our own table!  We Heart KL.

Mad Max's F1RST post-womb college tour below: University of Texas at Austin.  Daddy said we are visiting a college for each of our Rockets Road Game Trips (and more)!  Whatever It Takes.

There we are above in 1,000 degree heat at the UT campus.  But Mommy treated us to some treats at the UT Bookstore.  I got a UT onesie, and a UT football.  Thanks, Mommy!

What happens after spending most of the morning in the heat in Austin?  See above!  Nap time at the Four Seasons Austin.

Looking out our window at our city view (Downtown Austin).

What do vegan (or veggie) hipster babies do in Austin?  Why we hang out in our shades with our favorite giraffes at Shady Grove of course.

Sunset while waiting for the Congress Avenue Bats (which by the way, we could visit right behind our hotel!)... how were the bats?  Well, Mommy made me go into giggle fits every time she yelled BATS! ... I was so exhausted, we didn't make it.  Next time, I say ... batty bat ... !

And I will leave you with me swimming with Mommy on our last morning in Austin.  See you soon, Austin!

What summer vacations are you taking this year (or did you take this year)?

-Mad Max

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