My Crib Can't Handle Me Right Now!

Lately I've been into the military crawl.  I think I may be a future Navy Seal.  Thoughts?  I started actively creeping backwards a lot in the past week.  I just have to assess my surroundings, you know?  I'm an advanced Super Baby that way.

Mommy of course has been up to her photography ways.   She caught me in my military gear.

And did I mention?  My doc said Train Wreck Mommy and my Hero Daddy had to drop my crib all the way immediately, or I may flip out of it, and take off to a white sand beach somewhere.  She must know my Super Strength.

How do you like my outfit?  Do you have any outfits that give you Super Strength?  (Thanks to Gramby and Pops for my pants, and "Auntie" JCranc for my shirt!).

Have you been to my YouTube Channel lately?  I have a new vid almost daily, and you can see my military crawl.  Check it out here: Mad Max and Family.  Don't forget to also subscribe to my channel and comment!

-Mad Max

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