Happy 1/2 Birthday To Me! (Post 1)

Yesterday was my 6 month birthday.  I'm obviously recovering today.  Train Wreck Mommy loves to take 1,000 photos of me on my Bday!  This post shares a few that I thought you would enjoy.  This isn't even the 1/2 of it!  And I have much to share with you about my birthday in posts to come including my 6 month doctor appointment and Art Day with Mommy and more.

Oh boy, I just wanted to kick my legs like crazy and move around like a "crazy person" as Mommy would say ... but she just wanted to take photos.  Here I am posing in my Houston Rockets outfit from my Daddy.

I like to roll my tongue.  Mommy says, "Maxxxx, how do you do that?"

Like this Mommy.  Look at me!  One asian eye, one white eye.

Serious face.  Wow check out my Big Boy fingers.  What is up with that?  Time for some piano playing!

Mommy, I don't think I fit this way anymore.


Yay, why does my head look so big and my body so small?

Much more to come about my 1/2 Birthday.  Stay tuned!  Do you celebrate your 1/2 birthday?  How are you celebrating (or did celebrate) your birthday this year?  Max loves to hear from you.

-Mad Max


Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

LOL, oh max you are too funny!!! You can roll your tongue just like your auntie!! yay for us, we can flip it all the way around. shall we tell your TW mommy how to do it, or us keep it a secret? Happy 1/2 beday Mino!

Maximino Stafford Johnson said...

Hehehe, I think we should keep it a secret Auntie Tam! Thanks for commenting on my Bday post and for wishing me a Happy 1/2 Bday. Miss you. Let's vid chat soon! xo

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