Auntie Tam Adventure: Day 2

Here I am last Saturday at Da Da aka Daddy's company party (Downtown Aquarium).  Two words.  Ramona.  Eyes.

My second carousel ride.  I upgraded to a shark this time.  Shark Week?  Not impressed.  Mad Max Week?  Yes.

You want me to pet a what?  (Nice Ramona Eyes, Daddy).

Later in the afternoon Auntie Tam came over.  We went to my favorite Heights Park (Donovan Park) to swing.

Whee!  Whee!  (Shouts Train Wreck Mommy).

Then we went shopping down 19th Street in the Heights.  Auntie Tam, we are so urban.

We treated Auntie Tam to a Strawberry Milkshake at Cricket's Caffe in the Heights.  My milkshake brings all the babies to the yard ... 

Later at home ... 

Um, Auntie Tam.  I can still see you.  Peek a boo.

Auntie Tam helped with bath and bedtime.  Don't worry.  We will sneak out later, Auntie Tam!

One more Auntie Tam blog to come!  Stay tuned.

How is your weekend so far?

-Mad Max

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