Light Weight?

I went to my 9 month doc check up on 10/12.  18 lbs!  What!  Now I'm a light weight.  The doc said I was only 15th percentile in weight ... and get this, Basketball Player Mad Max is 75th percentile in height.

I must get this all from my Daddy.  Well, minus the height.  Love you, Daddy!

Here I am with Daddy eating up time while we wait on the doc.  Daddy!  Daddy!  Look how big my hands are! ...

The doc gave me a clean bill of health (even my ears after that bad, bad infection in month 8).  No shots today.  What?  Ripped off.  Piked.

The good news is she basically said I could eat anything ("anything" vegan Daddy says).  Uh, let's go home and eat some pizza, Mom!

How do you like to spend your wait time at the docs office?  Being silly?  Throwing puffs on the floor?

-Mad Max

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