Auntie Tam Adventure: Day 3

Day 3 Auntie Tam!  Wake up!  It's past 7 am.  The day is half over!

Um, wow.  Train Wreck, Auntie Tam.


Yes, let's talk.  Let's discuss.  What do you think about the latest on Occupy Wall Street?  I agree.  

Scotch and bagels, later?

Later ... after church, we took awkward family photos at the pumpkin patch.

Auntie Tam, aren't breakfast treats from Whole Foods the best?  Thanks for joining us, Auntie Tam!

Brushing up on modern art (Pop Warhol's Top) with Auntie Tam.

"Uncle" Timmy came to visit too.  I think I should kick him off of my couch for wearing a Saints hat!

We had a blast with you, Auntie Tam!  We miss you already.  Come visit again soon.

How do you like to spend your time with your Aunt or Uncle?

-Mad Max

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