Weekend Update: Delayed.

Train Wreck Mommy and I tried to create this post the night before last (Sunday), but we were having technical difficulties (not to mention the difficulties we have in general!).

Mommy and I were sick a lot this weekend.  We enjoyed sitting around in our PJs and eating our top lip.  It's my new trick.

Since we were sick, we didn't go too many place this weekend.  I entertained myself by looking at ancient relics like my Daddy's flip phone.  Wow.

My brother the feline and I also had a grand old time with string we found from the rug (aka string we created by pulling the rug apart).  Take that, you crazy hairy brother!

Hey, Hermann ... hey, let's tie this string together, attach it to the window and escape.  Or we could just pretend like this string is a rat, and you must catch it.

Daddy also (finally) hung my first piece of music (his Father's Day Gift).

Speaking of music, I was gearing up for music class on Sunday by playing my maraca.  Ignore the fact that I don't have pants on.  Really!

How was your weekend?

We are already looking forward to this coming weekend because it's my 9th Month Bday and Daddy's Bday too!  We also have a busy weekend planned, so stay tuned!

-Mad Max

1 comment:

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Love the last shirt you have on Mino!! Your hair is growing!! Love you so much. kisses from auntie tam

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