Um, My First (and Last) Pumpkin Patch.

We started off "Pumpkin Patch" day with a 5k at YES Prep SE to raise money for the Athletics Department.  We had a lot of fun running!  I mean, hanging on Mommy like a Baby Monkey while she was a "photographer."

Daddy and Gma J / Mimi did complete the 5k - congrats!

Daddy, Mad Max as an itty bitty baby monkey, and Train Wreck Mommy carrying 10.5 billion items.

Later in the afternoon my life changed forever.  I went to this place called a "pumpkin patch" at St. Luke's Methodist Church with Train Wreck Mommy, Daddy, and Gma and Gpa J.  Large orange monsters, spikey green ground, and me as a monster spider.  Need I say more?  Let's do this every weekend.  Please!

Mommy said it was very important because of the upcoming Halloween holiday and because of the Fall season.  Um, what?  How can me looking like this possibly be important?  Run, children!  Run for your lives!

Spider head.


Here I am posing next to my "Maximino" spider treat bag.  There are no treats?!

Train Wreck Family with the Orange Monsters.

Channeling my inner Orange Monster.

Daddy said I could pick out a baby orange monster.  Who can I save?!  Which one of you can I save!?

How do you like to celebrate this holiday they call "Halloween"?

-Mad Max

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