Weekend Update: Train Wrecks

Mommy and I have been train wrecks lately with the blog!  We are so sorry.  Mommy will do better with letting me use the computer.  Ahem.  In all seriousness, we've been more than busy.  Tonight we will catch up on our "Weekend Update" which is really our "Week Update" - including my birthday!  I'll provide you with a sneak peek right now.

On 10/7 it was my 9 Month Bday (and on 10/10 it was Dad's _ _ Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Daddy!).  I went to see the doc for my 9 Month Check Up.

Wow.  I didn't know I would be doing nude modeling at the doctor.  More on this soon!

Also as you may know it is "Fall"... (aka below 100 degrees) which apparently = Mommy putting me in a hideous "costume" and setting me down in the grass among round orange creatures.

What was my opinion of the situation?  Well, look at me.  That's my opinion.

Haha.  Love you Mommy!  Anything for our First Halloween!

How was your weekend?  Busy too?

-Mad Max

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