Happy (B-Lated) Bday To Me

On 10/07/11 I celebrated my 9 month Bday!  2 weeks later I'm still celebrating.  Do you blame me?

We also celebrated Daddy's Bday that weekend (10/10).  Happy B-lated Birthday, Daddy!

Mommy is trying to take Bday pics of me before 6 am (yes, we both get up early for work).  Have I had my Scotch yet?  No.

Birthday outfit change.  Inspecting at Gramby's and Pop's.  Yellow.  Primary color.

The back of my toys is so much more interesting than the front.  Future engineer, says Mummy.

I'm so introspective on my Birthday, don't you think?

Havin' a great time with my Chickpea toy (out of photo).  Yes, Daddy is a vegan.  

A few highlights from my Bday Month so far:

Whistling on Command.  First Pumpkin Patch.  Kiwi Face.  Auntie Tam's Visit.  Saying "Ga ga" and "Da da."  What else?  And what else is to come?

-Mad Max

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