Fun Friday: Big Bros 2nd Birthday Ideas and Sadie's Update

Hi Friends,

How was your week?

(Sadie here) ... my Super Big Bro seems to have come down with something as of yesterday.  We were thinking allergies, but now he has a fever.  Let's cross our fingers he gets better so we can be out and about on Labor Day weekend.  Don't worry, bro, I'll entertain you this weekend with dancing in my house (womb).

So we wanted to share with you today a fabulous 3rd Birthday celebration we attended this summer, but we were having photo issues.  Check back this weekend for a blog on this birthday!

In the meantime, we'll share a little update on Mad Max's 2nd Birthday ideas, some Celebrity Birthday fun, and my update.

Max's 2nd Birthday Ideas

How far ahead do you plan birthdays for your kiddos?  (Crazy) Train Wreck Mommy thinks 6 months is ideal, so we are really cutting it close this time for Mad Max.  We are going to check out a birthday party location this weekend (a secret right now), but the theme we are considering is Where the Wild Things Are (you know the main character's name is Max, right?).  Fitting, right?  What ideas do you have for this theme?

Our possible Halloween costumes may fit this theme - so perfect!  Mad Max on Halloween?  Super Sadie on Halloween?

We also found some inspiration for Mad Max's 2nd Celebration on Hostess with the Mostess and Etsy, but we don't want to spoil all of our ideas!

Friday Fun

Enjoy some lavish Celeb babies / kids birthdays from Babble (Max would love all of Suri's balloons!).  Too much?  Or does it make sense for how much money they make?

My (Sadie's) Current Stats: 

Age: 32 Weeks Tomorrow (Eep!  I have to leave my comfy house soon).

Height: 16.7 inches long (approximate and not much room in here)

Weight: 3.75 lbs (approximate)

Fruit / Veggie Size: Large Jicama (WTF?)

Fun Facts: Supposedly I have REAL hair now!  Don't be jealous, Big Bro.

What do I enjoy most right now?: I am enjoying helping Mommy and Dada gear up for my arrival.  Much to do in the last two months!  We have some gear to purchase, clothes to buy, space in my room with Mad Max to prepare, Halloween to prepare for, and newborn photos to prepare for (among other things!).

As we prepare for my arrival, let's take a look back at Mad Max (holding his paci straight out of the womb) ... do you think I'll look like my bro?  (Good thing that puffy face goes away!):

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family and Mad About Town


BirthdayKidz said...

congratulation to your new born.. such a lovely kid..

Mad Max and Family said...

Thanks! He's not so "new" anymore though!


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