Thursday's Kids and T(w)eens: Buffalo Bayou's KBR Kids Day in October

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

How is your week going so far?

Is it getting cooler where you are yet (if in Houston, I know the answer is NO).

One Fall event that we didn't talk about yesterday is Buffalo Bayou's KBR Kids Day on Saturday, October 20th.  From Buffalo Bayou:

Saturday, October 20, 11am-3pm
6th Annual KBR Kids Day on Buffalo Bayou

Downtown’s Sabine Promenade (150 Sabine Street)
Free Family Fun Day!

Calling all families and kids!  Save the date for our 6th Annual KBR Kids Day on Buffalo Bayou on October 20, 2012 from 11 am to 3 pm.  Join us for a completely FREE day of family-fun hands-on activities, give-aways, performances, and more!  With face painting, kayak demonstrations, a photo booth, boat rides, and so much more!  KBR Kids Day is one event you will not want to miss.  Come out in your favorite Halloween Costume and participate in our Costume Parade.

Do you have a family event similar in your city in the Fall?  We would love to hear about it.  Mommy is actually meeting with Buffalo Bayou later this month, and she said she plans to share more information about the event afterwards.  Mommy said she hopes to take me, but since Sadie is probably arriving that very Monday ... we'll have to wait and see.  What do you think?  We think it sounds like a great event for kids (and even your younger and older set).

Finally, Mommy asked that I share this photo with you today.  After she came to pick me up from her work day, I gave Mommy a sunflower I grew in my "Secret Garden" at Gramby's.  Okay, scratch that. Something weird is going on with our photo abilities, but we will share it soon!

-Mad Max

PS: You can always visit us at Mad About Town.  Stay tuned on Monday for our first Whole Foods giveaway!

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