Fun Friday: Welcome to the Candy Shop

Hi Friends,

Sadie here!

I have a Fun Friday blog for you today.  With our focus on food this week, we (of course) can't leave out the sweets!

Image Credit: Neha P. Photography

Houstonians: Train Wreck Mommy's ol' buddy from high school, Neha Patel (Neha P. Photography), is partnering with Bows by Karly (clothing designer) for a Candy Shop themed photo session.

From Neha P. Photography: "We are so excited about the Candy Shop themed photo shoot.  Bows by Karly and I wanted to come up with something for all age groups, for boys and girls and something fun and colorful.  This would be a great picture to end the summer with and begin the new school year!"

See the image above for detailed information, and enjoy the photos below!  More photos can be found on Neha P. Photography.  We can't get over how cute this theme is and the photos are wonderful!

All: How often do you take professional photos of your kids or family?  Do you like to include fun or special props?

We've had professional photos on the brain lately because Mommy is preparing some ideas for my (Sadie's) newborn photo shoot.  What ideas do you have for us?

In case you missed it ... Guest Blog: check us out on schue love this week. Thanks for having us!

Houstonians: Leave one comment on our Whole Foods "Back-to-School" Giveaway posting for your chance to win the awesome prize pack.  More ways to win on the blog posting.  Super Simple, says Mad Max!  You have until Sunday evening to enter the Giveaway.

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family

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Stephanie said...

Oh my word, we have never had professional photos taken. Well, I guess we had some taken when Avery was a baby, but not since. And never as a whole family. We've been married for almost 10 years, and this is a travesty. I'm hoping to do them this year!

Carly said...

I do have a pro that I have worked with since Connor's birth that does all of our shots....and she is AWESOME but she doesn't have a set up like this..OMG...the candyshop...too freakin cute!
Hope you are well.

Mad Max and Family said...


I'm semi-obsessed with having prof photos taken ... I figure they will probably be some of our best photos, plus I'm always the photographer - I can at least be in some photos, hah.

Let me know how your photos go this year!


Mad Max and Family said...


Us too! And we definitely plan to use Neha in the future too. Doesn't it make you want to visit a Candy Shop? If I hadn't already booked (aka) spent a lot of money this Fall on prof photos, I would do this session w/ Max too.

Hope you're well too!


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