next stop: Houston Shakespeare Festival

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? (Shakespeare)

No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you sir, but I bite my paci, sir (Shakespeare with Mad Max).

Have read or seen any Shakespeare lately where you are ... ?  And what about your kids?

In the spirit of back-to-school season ... the Houston Shakespeare Festival would be a perfect outing for your family (with older kids)!  Train Wreck Mommy would take me, but it's past my bedtime (plus I have to rest up for going out later in the night) ... and she said my attention span is only 1 minute.  Well, no offense, but do blocks hold your attention for more than one minute?

Miller Outdoor Theatre (All Performances at 8:30 p.m.)
The Comedy of ErrorsDirected by Paul Steger
August 4, 8, 10 and 12, 2012

HamletDirected by Steve Pickering
August 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, 2012

Image Credit: darling clementine

For your younger set, you can expose them to Shakespeare with this book above: Little Master Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" by Jennifer Adams (Art by Alison Oliver).  Train Wreck Mommy said she may add it to my Christmas Wish List!

-Mad Max

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Nicki Woo said...

Oh! How I want to go! Now to see if I can figure a way to did it. Thanks for the tip!

Mad Max and Family said...

Hi Nicki! Thanks for stopping by. Let us know if you make it to the Houston Shakespeare Festival.

-Tara of Mad Max and Family

Alexa said...

I love those sweet little books!

Mad Max and Family said...

Do you have them? I already put them on my list to buy for Sadie!

Thanks for stopping by.


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