Thursday's Kids and T(w)eens: School ... Supplies, Fashion, and Books versus Sports?

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

Train Wreck Mommy and I want to know ... what do your older ones look forward to most when they return to school?

New school supplies?  New clothes (or do yours wear uniforms)?  Classes?  Sports?  Other?

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Train Wreck Mommy said that one of her favorite school supplies are notebooks.  And we found the perfect notebook for kids through teens!  Not only does it have a LEGO theme, but it's a Moleskine notebook (which are just the best).

Image Credit: Gwenny Penny

Mommy's second favorite school supply is pencils!  And if you have pencils, you of course need a great pouch.  Make your own pencil pouch!

Image Credit: Gearfuse
And keeping with the LEGO theme (who doesn't like LEGOs?), your kid or t(w)een can get a LEGO backpack.  I think a backpack is one of MY favorite school supplies AND style statement.

Image Credit: Geekologie
And finally, I know at Mommy's school shoes are the favorite fashion statements (the students wear uniforms) ... is this the same with your children?  I don't think my wardrobe can be complete without LEGO shoes.

And finally, what about yours and classes and sports?  

With the Olympic spirit surrounding us … I wonder, how do you balance and cultivate your child’s interests, hobbies, and talents (sports or otherwise) with school?

I read an interesting piece in The NY Times Motherlode blog, “The Jock (and His Dad) at the Chess Board.” What do you think?  Do you have a child that is more interested in sports over school?  Did they find an interest or talent in school?

-Mad Max

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