next stop: Fall Festivals

Hi Family, Friends, and Fans,

What is your next stop this weekend?

What about looking ahead to this Fall?  Are there any Fall Festivals that you look forward to?  Or any that you would like to go to with the family?

Mommy and I found a listing of Fall Festivals from last year via the Houston Chronicle (many of which are probably around the same time this year).  We pulled out a few that we thought would be great to look into this year for the family (there are many more to choose from beyond the ones listed below!  Be sure to click the Houston Chronicle link ... what festivals are you looking forward to in your city?).

Ballunar Liftoff Festival (September 28 - 30th, 2012): Hot air balloon festival and more.  This could be fun for kids (as young as tots) of all ages.  One of my favorite things?  BALLOONS.  I've never SEEN a hot air balloon ... so this would be beyond exciting!

Greek Fest (Exact Timing TBD): I'm not sure of the exact dates for the Fall Festival, but it is usually in October.  This is a very popular festival in Houston, and it's a great opportunity to expose your young ones to the Greek culture (and did I mention, food!).

Bayou City Art Festival (Exact Timing TBD): This is another Fall Festival that usually happens in October (and then again in the Spring).  Mommy of course couldn't leave off a festival that connects to the arts.

Dewberry Farm (September 29th, 2012 and Beyond): Mommy and I actually heard about this last year, and we thought it was a great place to take kids during the Fall (pumpkin patch and corn maze (and more)).  Mommy decided I was a bit young to really enjoy it last year (ahem, speak for yourself!), but maybe we will head out past Katy, TX this year to enjoy it.  What do you think?

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Finally, we would love to hear your ideas of Fall Festivals either in Houston (if you are a Houstonian) or near you!

-Mad Max

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Alexa said...

So fun! Looking forward to many fall festivals this coming season.

Mad Max and Family said...

Thanks for stopping by, Alexa!

Which ones are you looking forward to? Being in Houston... (and pregnant) I may be MOST looking forward to at least somewhat cooler temps!


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