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You get a bonus blog today!  We've been meaning to share this blog with you for over a week - eep!  Mommy had a tough week (or so) which slows down my blogs.  She's been feeling really tired from Sadie, and now she is sick with a cold (not to mention how much work she has to do).  Poor Mommy ... hang in there!  Almost "vacation" time!

So Fall may also be a time of new activities for your young and older ones.  What activities are they involved in this Fall?  Are any of the activities related to the arts?  

So as you can probably tell (being that Mommy is an art teacher), we love the arts in our family.  If you're in Houston, we'd like to bring you information about an arts opportunity with Hope Stone.  We strongly encourage you to try out their classes either this Fall or in the future!  Mommy and I are probably going to try some classes this Fall (once Mommy isn't working), and we will let you know how that goes.

So what is Hope Stone (From Hope Stone below)?

Hope Stone, Inc. is a non-profit arts organization consisting of (1) the choreographic endeavors of Artistic Director Jane Weiner; (2) Hope Stone Dance Company, a professional dance and theater ensemble; (3) Kid’s Play, an artistic outreach venue for children and youth at risk located in Houston and Katy, TX and New Orleans; and (4) Hope Center, accommodating adult and children’s movement classes designed to sharpen the mind, body and soul. Founded in 1997, Hope Stone strives to make art a stronger part of our lives and is dedicated to presenting authentic dance, music and theater performances and nurturing the creative and expressive side of children and adults. 

New Children's Classes:

Creative Dramatics is for children ages four to six and connects the young artists with their personal power, through basic theater skills that strengthen confidences and encourage self-expressions and acceptance.

Creative Yoga is also for four to six year olds and provides a safe, fun, loving, judge-free environment that allows for personal expression and creativity, and gives them skills for managing stress and handling powerful emotions.

Prelude Music Class is for all ages (newborns to senior citizens!) led by master teacher Ana Trevino-Godfrey that is intended for families to attend together to achieve basic music competence and teaches siblings music and movement activities to enjoy at home.

Returning Children's Classes:

Parent & Me class is for children 18 months to two years old and introduces little ones to their first movement and music class with the safety and comfort of a parent or guardian as their class partner and focus on the child’s fine and gross motor skills, musicality, creativity and fun. 

There are several age-range based Creative Movement classes for children ages two-and-a-half to six years old, where “all children are artists.” These 45-minute classes focus on everything from the development of motor skills and musicality to the experimental exploration of dance as energy in time and space, and builds coordination, creativity, expression and memory.

Read more and find out how to register for classes at Hope Stone.  If you take a class, let us know what you think about your experience!

All photos below are from Hope Stone by Simon Gentry:

-Mad Max

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