Thursday Fun: Super Artists

Hi Friends,

How is your week so far?

As Mommy would say ... "we've had a busy, crazy, and tiring week" ... okay, Mommy, I am the one with strep throat!  Yes, so on Tuesday I found out I had strep throat (thanks for taking me to the doc, Gramby!).  But the good news is ... Gramby got me a horsey at the drug store (did you know you can get horses there?), and I am now on "bubble gum meds."

Also a fun highlight of the week... (fun for the adults): For their entertainment only I started saying more words.  Tuesday I said "doggie."  Yesterday I said "I see" and "sh*t (sit)."  Mommy said I just need to work to put them together "I see doggie sh*t."  You can read more about my antics (and more) on our Facebook page or Twitter.

... so this week we are focusing on art, and today we will bring you a short posts about one of our favorite places to find art and other handmade goods - Etsy!  (You are addicted too, right?).  Mommy bought us (me and Super Sadie) a shirt and a onesie (for Sadie) from Flyduds.  (I actually had the same exact shirt from before, but Mommy wanted me to get a bigger size for Sadie's arrival).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J
What do you think?  Super Fly right?  I encourage you to check out their shop on Etsy and their page on Facebook so you can be fly too.  Let us know if you make a purchase!

Once Sadie exists her current house, we will share photos of us in our new attire.  Stay tuned!

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops?  What are they?  

What are some more sibling musts that Mommy must buy or do (attire or otherwise)?

-Mad Max

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