Tuesday's Tots and Wee Ones: Fall Fashion

Hi Friends,

How is your week so far?

Did you start buying Fall Fashion yet for your young ones?  Your older ones?  Mommy said that she thinks her favorite fashion time of the year for herself and us (me and Sadie) might be Fall.  Boots ... layers, etc.  What do you think?  Plus it finally starts to get cooler in Houston, and anything below 100 (or 90) is just nice.  I personally just prefer to run around in my pampie, but that is just me.

Mommy asked me to share a little bit of Fall Fashion (Holiday Fall Fashion) with you.  Are you gearing up yet for specific clothes for holidays or big events?

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

The first photo has some Fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving) dresses and socks for Sadie.  Thanks Gramby and Pops!  Mommy loves the dots and the lil' pumpkin and turkey.  These are both from Carter's.

Mommy also got me a Halloween shirt (second photo) and Sadie a "My First Halloween" outfit.  All of the clothes in the second photo are from Target.  And do you see my shirt has a cape!?

Mommy hasn't found a Thanksgiving outfit for me yet, but she may find me a big boy outfit at babyGap.

Where do you like to shop for fashion for your little ones (or big ones)?  We'd love to hear some new ideas.

Finally, be sure to check out our Weekend Update from yesterday.  We had lots of Foodie Fun over the weekend and more to come this week.  Are you and your family buying organics this Fall?  More on organics in our post from yesterday.

You can also read us at Mad About Town.

-Mad Max

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