Fun Friday: Foodie Organic Fun with Sadie

Hi Friends,

Sadie here!  How was your week?  What was the highlight of your week?

The highlight of our week is probably all of Max's talking lately.  Yesterday, he even said "doggie" nice and clear.  Okay, Big Brother Max ... let's just work on "Sadie."  "Super Baby Sister."

I'm excited to bring you some Foodie Organic Fun today.

On Monday we mentioned our trip to Whole Foods Market to check out their Fall Into Organics events.  Do you include organics in your food and life?

Today we are bringing you some yummy recipes that Daddy and Mommy made with our organics (be sure to check out your local Whole Foods Market for all of their organic options!).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Daddy made a delicious pasta dish made up of only organics from Whole Foods Market.  Recipe included below!  Our Daddy cooks us plant-strong meals, and Daddy even applied to be a Food Coach (we are waiting to hear back - fingers crossed!).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Daddy's Pasta Recipe:

Ingredients (all organic from Whole Foods Market)- 1 Package of Whole Wheat Pasta
- 8-10 Roma Tomatoes (Cut in Half)
- 6-8 Garlic Cloves (Diced)
- 1 Bunch of Fresh Basil
- Black Pepper
- Juice from ½ of a Lemon

Cook the pasta according to package instructions.  Heat skillet on medium, and sauté the garlic with the tomatoes for about 10 minutes (do not use oil to sauté, use the natural tomato juice).

Drain the pasta, and add the garlic and tomatoes in a large bowl.  Season with fresh basil, black pepper, and fresh lemon juice as desired.  Enjoy!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

These are the only ingredients we needed for the Quick Vegan Pudding recipe (Whole Foods Market). All of the ingredients are organic except we already had Agave at home (and it wasn't organic).

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family 

Quick Vegan Pudding Recipe: (Whole Foods Market Recipe)

Ingredients (all organic from Whole Foods Market except for the Agave):
- 1 block Silken or Firm Tofu
- 1 Can Pineapple Chunks Packed in Natural Juice, Drained and Juice Reserved
- 1 Large Ripe Banana
- 1 Tablespoon Molasses or Agave Nectar
- 1/8 Teaspoon Salt

Squeeze excess water from tofu and break into chunks.  Then transfer to a food processor and blend until smooth.  Add pineapple and banana and blend until smooth, adding pineapple juice to desired consistency.  Add salt and any other additions you like, then serve.  Most importantly, enjoy!

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Mommy's plate.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
Max's plate.  Lunch is served!

What Foodie Fun do you have planned for the weekend?  Will you include any organics?  Be sure also to check us out at Mad About Town.

Thank you Whole Foods for letting us enjoy and feature your organics this month!

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love that yall are trying for organic, I need to be better about that. One of the perks of living in Monterey is buying fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer's markets year-round, but I know I need to introduce more healthy options to the boys. these recipes are great!

Mad Max and Family said...

Yes, we try to as much as possible - esp when it comes to produce and products for the babies.

Love Farmers Markets! That's grea you have great access to them. We don't check them out enough here.

Enjoy the recipes. More are posted this week.


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