Fun Friday: Fun Outside and Foodie Fun

Hi Friends,

From Sadie: Boy, do we have some fun for you today!

How was your week?  I hope it was better than my Mommy's week.  She is really dragging.  I'm sorry I am getting so tiring, Mommy!  But TGIF, right?  And I'll be here in less than 6 weeks ... so maybe I'll be less tiring then?  Hah.

Today we will bring you some Outside Sports Fun (Mad Max playing some Golf) and some Foodie Fun (Whole Foods events this weekend!).  How about you?  Are you planning any outside fun this weekend?  Or any of your own foodie fun?

Mad Max the Future Golf Star with Pops:

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
Do you have any sports your kids enjoy outside?  Or you enjoy outside as a family?

Foodie Fun (Attention Houstonians! ... From Whole Foods Market):

Fall into Organics at Whole Foods Market

The first day of fall is approaching, and we are ready for it at Whole Foods Market!  September is Organic Month, and we are ready to celebrate with all things organic.  Sample great organic products from produce to meat and poultry to drinks and snacks, artisan cheeses, dairy, and even body care.

Whole Foods Market’s “Fall into Organics”

When: Friday, September 14 - Sunday, September 16 (12 - 5 pm)

What: Get ready to celebrate Organics in all its glory!  Join any Whole Foods Market Houston or Sugar Land stores for Fall into Organics, from Friday, September 14 – Sunday, September 16 (12 - 5 pm). We (heart) organics and know you do too!  Whether you love organic produce, meat, cheese or body care you will be able to experience it all during Fall into Organics.  There will be plenty of great store activities as well as delicious organic products and recipes that will be available.  It is only natural to be organic.  Don’t miss out!

Where: All Houston and Sugar Land Whole Foods Market locations

701 Waugh Dr.; 2955 Kirby Dr.; 4004 Bellaire Blvd.; 6401 Woodway Dr.; and 11145 Westheimer; 15900 Southwest Freeway

To get you in the spirit of organics, below are great recipes that you will want to try.  To learn more about organics click here.

Roasted Organic Chicken with Herbs

Spiced Apple-Pear Butter (featuring organic apples)

Chard with Bacon and Apple (featuring organic chard and apples)

Roasted Salmon and (organic) grapes

Kirby’s Store Activities:
Friday, September 14:
Organic Indulgence - Let us entice your tastebuds with everything from organic wines, organic chocolates to organic chicken with rich cream sauce.  The holidays are right around the corner so let's do a little "pre-holiday" indulging.  We won't tell anyone.

Saturday, September 15:
Pea & Carrot Smackdown - If you joined us for a day of indulgence on Friday then this is your chance to lighten up.  Each department will either be "Team Pea" or "Team Carrot" and provide fun recipes with these ingredients added.  Look for our lifesized pea and lifesized carrot in our Prepared Foods Department to vote for which recipes you liked the best.  Will you be Team Pea or Team Carrot?

Sunday, September 16:
Alternative Organics - Most folks think "food" when they think of organics but at Whole Foods Market, there is so much more.  This is your opportunity to learn all about our organic body and skin care, organic laundry detergents, and even check out our organic pet food.  By the end of the weekend, you will be an expert on organics and probably have a few more reasons to shop with us at Whole Foods Market Kirby.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J

As many of you know, we love shopping at Whole Foods.  Here is a recent trip to Whole Foods above: Max is helping out Dada in the Bulk aisle.  It looks like they are purchasing some ORGANIC oats.

So if you are in Houston ... will you be going to Whole Foods this weekend to check out organics?  We'll be going to the Pea and Carrot Smackdown!  I'm leaning towards Team Pea.

And even if you aren't in Houston, do you buy organics?  What are your thoughts for you and your family?

-Sadie of Mad Max and Family


Stephanie said...

Those golf pictures are TOO CUTE!

This week has been a long one for us too. Wishing you all a restful, peaceful weekend!

Mad Max and Family said...


And this day has been crazy. So looking forward to the weekend! I hope we can all rest.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

O my gosh, how cute is he playing golf?! I love it!

Mad Max and Family said...

Kate, thanks! And he LOVES golf too. Either that or my Dad is just brainwashing him (his Pops).


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