Happy Thanksgiving and Happy One Month to Sadie

Hi Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!  Daddy's favorite holiday is finally here ... (or rather, can you believe it's already here?).  How are you celebrating?  What are you thankful for this year?

And ... Happy One Month Birthday to my Super Sissy - Sadie!  Stay tuned for special photos from her 4 Week Birthday / One Month Birthday.  Speaking of photos ... we received Sadie's newborn / Family photos back from our super photographer, Erin Carlyle Photography.  We'll be sharing some favs with you soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are (just a few) things we are Thankful for today ...

1) A happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving Weekend with Family and Friends (especially Tia and Uncle M in from out of town ... and Sadie getting to meet some of Daddy's relatives that are in from out of town).
2) Houston TEXAN's first Thanksgiving Day game!
3) Fake Christmas with Tia and Uncle M.
4) Delicious Food.  I prefer "caa" which can mean chips, fries, and more.  Oh, and stay tuned for some more on our real Thanksgiving Weekend dishes!  Mommy even cooked (pigs flying - pigs flying).
5) That everyone can poop.  My new favorite word.

Oh, and 6) Super Sadie's FIRST Thanksgiving!  We love you, Sissy.Ce

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J
Did you make any Thanksgiving items this year?  I made some Thanksgiving "Tofurkey" hands with Gramby and Mommy.  Easy to make!  All you need are colors, paper, scissors, and glue.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Mad Max

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