Much Anticipated: Super Sadie's BIRTHday Story

Hi Friends,

How is your week going?  How is it already Wednesday!?

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving already next week?  It seems like it should be one more week away.  What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Are you hosting?  Making a dish(es)?  Needing some inspiration?  We got a lovely Holiday Gift Package from Whole Foods Market at the end of last week with treats and ideas for the holidays (Thank You Whole Foods!).  Look for a blog soon this week with much information to share with you!

In the meantime ... Sadie's BIRTHday Story:

We'll try to keep it brief while still sharing the important details and memories.

On the morning of Monday, October 22nd, 2012 we woke up 1,000 hours before the break of dawn to go to the hospital for Sadie's BIRTHday (scheduled c-section).  We had to be at the hospital between 5:00 - 5:30 am for her scheduled c-section at 7:30 am!  It actually wasn't a huge deal because 1) Mommy and Daddy are use to getting up super early, and 2) we were all very excited and wide awake (even me, Mad Max, and Auntie Tam).  Yes, Auntie Tam was with us!  She flew in that weekend for Sadie's BIRTHday.

Once at the hospital Mommy and Daddy left me, a stroller, and 10,000 bags with Auntie Tam in a waiting room.  I managed not to give her too much trouble because she entertained me with her iPhone (videos of her doggie, Bella ... The Lion King videos, etc).  Also meeting us at the hospital shortly thereafter: Gramby and Pops and Mimi and Grampi.

Mommy and Daddy had to go to a separate c-section waiting room ... and Mommy said they (she) had plenty of time to get nervous about the surgery beforehand.  Eventually their nurse came and took them into a pre-surgery type room.  There Mommy sat in a big chair, was poked and prodded, and answered a bunch of questions.  Mommy and Daddy also got into their lovely outfits for surgery.  See Daddy:

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family / Tara J
Once Mommy's Super Doc came Mommy went into the scary and stark white surgery room with the nurses and doc.  Who knows where Daddy went!

Mommy said she was so nervous (and it was COLD in there) she was shaking.  She wasn't so nervous with me because she was out ... of ... it ... (after going through labor).  Mommy had to sit on the surgery table and get her epidural (which was one of the worst parts).  Mommy was so nervous that she was tense ... so it was nearly impossible to put the epidural in.  Then her doc said "have you ever had a drink..."  (Umm, good thing he didn't ask ME that question.)  Then the doc said "I'm going to give you something that makes you feel like you had a glass of wine."  Mommy was thinking ... "How about makes me feel like I had a few shots of tequila."

Well, after the "glass of wine" everything was mostly better.  It wasn't too long after that ... they had Mommy down on the table, sheet up, and Daddy came in the room.  It was time!  Mommy was still nervous so obviously the wine wasn't strong enough.  Poor Mommy being sliced open!  The surgery didn't take too long at all.  Then the doc said it was almost time for Sadie's BIRTH.  Mommy felt a LOT of pulling (no pain), and then all of a sudden the doctor said... something to the affect of Sadie being a girl and having a LOT of hair!

The doc pulled down the sheet some (not all the way), and Mommy exclaimed "she's purple!"  And the doc said "well, not really."  Maybe Mommy was dreaming of some red wine... Sadie was taken into the corner for some stats, and Daddy basically closed his eyes and walked over (so he didn't see Mommy sliced open).  Shortly thereafter, Mommy got to hold Sadie, and they took some family photos (without me, Mad Max).

Sadie was wheeled to see the Grandparents and Auntie Tam aka Tia (and they hid me from Sadie because Mommy wanted to see me see Sadie!) while Mommy was getting stitched back together.  Then Mommy and Sadie were reunited in the recovery room.  Daddy also met them there.  Mommy got to hold and feed Sadie.  She didn't get the bad shakes in the recovery room this time.  Then they had to take Sadie away, and we all met together later in Mommy's hospital room.  The rest of the day is mostly a blur for Mommy ... (drugs!) ... but it was filled with lots of happiness and love for Sadie and fluids for Mommy (she finally got to eat in the evening).  Daddy picked her up some yum yum from Les Givral's.

Happy BIRTHday Super Sadie!  You're the best little sister a bro could ask for ...

Super Sadie
Monday, October 22, 2012
6 lbs 7 oz
19 3/4"

We'll share more on Super Sadie's hospital stay and other things soon!  Enjoy some photos from her BIRTHday in the meantime ... (not all of them are the best photos, but they all have a purpose ... some people need to learn to zoom - hint hint!)

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Super Sadie with Mommy's Super Doc.
Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Not too happy about her BIRTHday.
Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

 Sadie's Baby Book footprints.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
Back in Mommy's hospital room.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

I just wanted to share a pic of Mommy's liquid meals.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

When I (Mad Max) first got to meet my little sis, Sadie!
Image Credit: Mad Max and Family 

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family 
Super Sadie with Tia aka Auntie Tam.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
And with Pops.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
And with Auntie Tam and Gramby.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
With Gramby and Pops.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
With Grampi.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

With Auntie Dana.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family

With Mimi.

Image Credit: Mad Max and Family
And of course one of our favs ... with Dada and me (and my fire truck!).

Do you have any BIRTH stories to share?

-Mad Max

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alison said...

thanks for sharing your birth story!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Sweet girl! Love the pic of her meeting Mad Max!

Mad Max and Family said...

Thanks, Ladies!

She's just a cutie. And changing every day!


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