Houston, We are in the Pelvis!

And other interesting facts of my day ...

It's been almost a WEEK since I've posted!  Between the holidays, Mom feeding my house yummy holiday food, Mom's lack of energy, Mom's addiction to working, and Mom's crying ... I can only find so much time to blog!  Let alone gather any photos for my blog to post this week.  I promise to update next time with photos too!  We are both just trying to pull ourselves back together now that we are back at work.

An even more exciting date count down... tomorrow will mark my one month away from my expected birthday.  Don't worry, I'm making a list and checking it twice (at Target, Pottery Barn Kids, and Giggle).

Today I had a doctor's appointment with Mommy.  We reached a milestone today ... she didn't pee on her hand!  Oh, Mommy.  Not because she is more skilled... I think she was just more tired, and it was pure luck!

Mommy didn't really like the doctor's appointment today ... (I will spare you the details..and what the scale said... Mommy said the scale lies), but we had some exciting news.  I'm wearing my helmet now aka the pelvis.  Not the most comfortable spot in the world, but the doc said it makes me closer to my birthday.  Who doesn't love birthdays?  I'm also at station -4.  What does that mean you ask?  Do you even need to know?  Doesn't it sound important?  You try doing that while you are living inside of Train Wreck Mommy's tummy!

I'm going to go help Mommy with her work and her Thank You cards.  Speaking of Thank You cards, I'm getting some early birthday presents this week!  Great Uncle Bill and Great Uncle Maria came to visit this weekend from OK.  They helped give me my car seat and stroller!  Thank you!  I tried to tell Daddy, "I'm at station -4!  I could fly home from the hospital!"... but Mommy INSISTS on being safe.  I also think it's funny that they plan on pushing me around in a chair with wheels... called a stroller!  Like I don't have strong legs like Daddy?  Maybe it's Mommy that needs the chair!

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