Mommy's Mad Max Baby Shower

Mommy said she might need a full week to recover from my Super Shower!  I think I need at least about a month and 1/2.  Auntie Tam may need a full two months! 

A super big thanks goes out to our hostesses: Grandma A, Auntie Tam, "Auntie" Stephanie, "Auntie" Eek, and "Auntie" Jessicana!!  And a big thanks goes out to all of our fans ...aka our party guests, including Daddy's Family (Grandma Johnson, Auntie Dana, Cousin Corryn and Rilyn, and Auntie Maggie), Mommy's friends, and more.

I'll provide a few photos and highlights, but all of the photos are on Mommy's Facebook page.

Grandma A did such a great job on my Baby Shower Book and Photo Album!  Take that Martha Stewart.

Look at my cake!!  It's my house.  Touch my swag, if you could ... Grandma A "Stewart" picked it out.  And check out my fabulous favor bags.

Oh, look at my diaper cake!  I think it's from "Auntie" Stephanie.  How funny.  The grown ups put my pampies with the food.  It looks so nice though.  Mommy kept me well fed at the food table!  Grandma A made Martha Stewart worthy cupcakes, and Grandma J also brought Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Mommy loves cupcakes.

Mommy, my house, plus the fam ...

Mommy, my house, plus Auntie Tam, and Mommy's cankles.

Mommy, "Auntie" Stephanie, and Cougar Baby Jocelyn!  Where's my house, Mom?

"Auntie" Jessicana the Mixologist.  She makes the Mad Max guests 'holla!!'  The hostesses served Buttery Nipples.  Aren't they funny making fun of my future food source?  Anything has to be better than this cord.  When was the last time you sat down to dinner and enjoyed a good meal through your belly button?

"Train Wreck" Mommy forgot to take a picture with her bestie, "Auntie" Eek.  Oh, Mommy!  And of course "Auntie" Eek wouldn't remember... she is carrying my friend the fetus!  I like to call him Bob in the meantime.

Here is Fetus Bob's big brother Dylan going for my cake food source!  Step back!  He was a big help to Mommy during my present opening time.  I'll forgive him.

Of course my party is not complete without a Max's House Dance Party.  Here are the winners!  Aren't they funny?  They may ask me to delete this picture.  I'm fired.

Here is Mommy so excited about clothes to dress me in!  Isn't she funny?  I've been going this long without clothes.  But ... Thanks to everyone for all of my gifts!  Mommy, Daddy, and I couldn't do it without you. xo from the womb...

Until my next party ...

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