Lambie the Lamb

Mommy is having a pretty hard time focusing on anything but me lately.  She doesn't realize I am a pretty independent fetus!  Despite my current living situation.

Daddy even put down his dust buster tonight, and he put together my Lambie the Lamb mobile!

Look at my Lambies!  And my Lambie quilt from Grandma and Grandpa A.  I love it!!!  They are on my crib from Grandma and Grandpa J.  Mommy got my Lambie mobile.  It'll be so nice to look at my Lambies instead of watching the blood rush to my head in my womb.

Lambie.  Homeboy!

Mommy is CK Obsessed with Lambs.  Check out my Lambie night light!  Silly Mommy.  Doesn't she realize I can get around in my womb without a night light?

Lori and Lauren... Auntie Tam's Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law got me a Max blanket!  It matches my blue wall perfectly!  Thanks L and L  The feline was already eyeing my soft blanket.  Back up Bro Herm!

While on the subject of blankets (apparently it's colder in Tejas than a fetus would first assume) ... I have to share my favorite blanket.  Great Grandma Lippiatt made it special for me (and Auntie Tam's future fetuses) before she went to live in Heaven last year.  She didn't even know me yet!  I love you Great Grandma L.  Piggie the Pig fits in great with my Farm Animal theme.

Look at my funny and soft Lambie blankets I got from "Auntie" Mandy!  I also got a mini thumbie blanket.  It's for a tiny fetus!  Mom is not sure what it is for, but she loves it.  So do I!

Speaking of blankets ... Mommy said it is time to go to bed ... aka go sleep sideways in the same position for several hours.

Bahhh ...

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