Painting My New House

Today I started painting my lambies on the wall with Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa A.  Well, Grandpa A did a good job of watching golf and sleeping, mostly!

Mommy and I drew them by hand!  No stencils needed here.  Pixar is already blowing up my fetus iPhone.  Mommy is a perfectionist though, so we didn't finish today (plus her cankles turned into well... cankles!).

Here is the beginning:

As you can see Lambie the Lamb also serves as a cloud!

My current house is not too noticeable from the back.  Or is it?

I said, "Knock, Knock, Knock!  Mommy, my house is hot in here!"  Mommy is painting my Lambs like my bedding lambs from Pottery Barn Kids.  I love Pottery Barn Kids!  (By the way, not only are the holidays coming up... but my BIRTH day is coming up too.  Hint, Hint.  Mommy likes to say ... her 1st Wedding Anniversary is coming up on 1/2/11... we know, we know, Mom.)

WHOA!  Mom had to sit down shortly after her feet turned into beached whale feet.

I'm not sure if I showed this yet (Mommy's memory is rubbing off on mine).  This is in my nursery too!  Great Grandma Lippiatt made this for Mom and Auntie Tam when they were babies!  Now it hangs in my nursery (then it will hang in my cousin's nursery at Auntie Tam's house... when my cousin arrives!).  I'm sure she loves seeing my nursery from heaven.

Here is one lambie so far.  Grandma A loves the chocolate color!  Me too.  We still have a ways to go on each lamb.  We are making three: one of Mommy, one of Daddy, and one of me!  Mommy was the plump one, but we switched that to Dad.

I can't wait until Auntie Tam and Uncle Michael come down to see my nursery!  Now I'm gearing up for going to a Rockets game with M & D.  Then we have our first Thanksgiving together.  It's Dad's favorite holiday!

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Tamra said...

Your Lambies look great Max!!! You need to tell your mom to get some rest though, bc her cankles are looking intense, so your auntie says more rest for Mommy!!! Tell your Mommy I am working on your birth play list. You will be coming into this world fist pumping to MJ!!! Your house is looking mighty nice, your mom is taking such good care of your house, you can't even tell you are there from behind, sneak attack and all. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving Tofurkey!!! (Uncle Michael said that he will buy you a steak in NYC, he loves you already!!!) Love you, Max! Can't wait to watch you come into this world in just a few weeks. kisses- auntie tam

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