Now Hiring: Fetus Assistant

Whew!  I've had such a busy week.  Who knew a fetus could be so busy?  I need a Fetus Assistant.

Auntie Tam came to visit this weekend.  She came in on the train wreck train!  At least... that's what Mommy says.  Mommy's been so tired ... and we've both been busy - so sorry to all my 10.5 billion blog followers.

On Friday, Auntie Tam went with us to our doctor appt.  At the doc, Auntie Tam said "don't pee on your hand this time!"... before we did our routine urine sample.  Poor Mom.  She tried her best.  She almost bent my house in half trying to bend over to see and make sure she didn't pee on her hand.  Fail!

My heart was a strong 152 (of course).  And Mommy was very excited because the doc said our house weight was good.  I heard her secretly think "I could have had a second donut this morning!"... The doctor also made a funny.  After Mom told her I was giving her a lot of pain, the doctor asked if she tink tinked on herself yet!  Maybe Mad Max isn't the only one that needs diapers??

Auntie Tam  even said "is she going to need to wear diapers!!!!"... I was LOLing in the womb.  The doctor said it probably wouldn't be that bad, but it might happen if she coughs or laughs.  I'll try not to kick you into a fit of laughter, Mom.  Auntie Tam tried to make a joke about the Duggars, but I think the doctor must not have heard her.  I heard you Auntie Tam!  I have pretty good hearing now.  I can even sing along to Mommy's hip hop.

Saturday was my big celebration!  More about my Mad Max Shower Celebration with Mommy soon...

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