HGTV with Mad Max

Move over Martha Stewart ... the Alcancia and Johnson crew is new in town!  Check out the progress we've made this week on my nursery.  I can't come home to an undecorated house!  My current house is so decorated right now (and tan!).

Grandma and Grandpa Alcancia put on my cloud curtains!  Mad Max loves looking at a sunny and cloudy sky.  All the books are saying that I can see now in the womb, but you try looking at the sky from inside of someone's belly!

Daddy helped put together my Lambie the Lamb bedding with Grandma and Grandpa A.  Mommy thinks she needs to take it apart again to make sure it's safe.  Oh, Mom!

Look at Lambie the Lamb checking out my spot in my crib.  Does that blanket say "Lambie the Lamb" or "Max"?  Something to think about Mr. Lamb.

Daddy is winding up my mobile.  Nothing like music and movement to drown out Mommy's snoring.  Daddy said Mommy snores like a Mario Williams the Texan when she is tired.

Grandma A came over yesterday to help more with my nursery.  Don't you love my fences?  We can't let those lambs escape.

It's Mad Max's room!  In case anyone forgets!

Party in my crib!  With Cowie the Cow, Piggie the Pig, and Devil the Blue Devil.  Grandma A says the Devil doesn't really "go" ... but you try telling that to him!

I like to call this Mad Max's Spa... or I like to say "Enter at Your Own Risk."

More soon ... we aren't finished with my nursery yet!

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Tamra said...

SOOOOOO adorable!! I absolutely love your room Max! Your grandparents did a fantastic job on the curtains and decorating. I love the wall art. Can I stay there when I visit?

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