Who said a fetus can't paint (upside down)?

Mommy and I have been so busy this past week!

From school, to our 10.5 billion hour Birthing Class with Daddy (he only fell asleep 3 times!), Grandpa Johnson's Retirement Party, to the Texans / Rockets losing (again), preparing my nursery, and more!

More including meeting "Auntie" Ashley ... Sandy ... and Alicen on Sunday for some pottery painting at The Mad Potter on Sunday.  Mommy found a Lambie Bank for us to paint!!

Here are the before shots... oh Mommy, don't we look better in a spray tan?  Poor Mommy, I hope she forgives me for making her so bloated.

Mommy, My House, and "Auntie" Alicen

This is the Lambie before!  The Mad Potter lady said "are you painting him black for the black sheep of the family?"... (maybe because Mommy and I ordered a lot of black paint.. we are very goth!)... although she already knows my family too well, I'm not the black sheep yet!

"Auntie" Sandy and "Auntie" Ashley

Lambie after!  Didn't Mom and I do a great job?  It'll look even better after they fire it.  We also wrote Max on his bottom.  Most appropriate.  It took us forever to do his brown ears.  They gave us broken paint!

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